Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CS2K406 Hardware Systems Design, Season II :)

Last Exam of the Season, CS2K406. The two royal souls, just those two in MH- Hemanth and Dinil_p (hereafter called as Pamman) busy with studies (That's what others are supposed to call). 

The day before the exam, it was almost lunch time. Hemu climbed the stairs to top floor of A block. Usually he does that for watching some crap in TV, as the only TV which is common for both A and C blocks is located in the top floor of Block A. But this time the intention was different. He went through the corridor, to the extreme corner. He went past the "MEN AT WORK" board and knocked at the door of A 44. The purpose of the visit was nothing else. 

The very extra white smile welcomed him. The king, Joshin chandra alias joshi alias machaan was standing in his room, half nude, with a "lungi" around his waist, the only piece of cloth on him, just to cover his "assets".

Hemanth: "Machaane, coming to C4 for combined study?"
Machan wondered as if Hemu was drunk. With that natural grin on his face, Machan asked.
"Did you forget the fact that I had scored 60 marks in HSD in the very first chance?"
Now that was a shock for Hemu. That was a big news when the results were announced. 
I remember machan's "parippuvada + kattan chaaya" treat (coz kattan chaaya costs 50p less than ordinary) from canteen to all our friends. It was during that treat machan revealed his secret of 60 marks. University accidently added a '0' after my 6 marks and thus it became '60'.
The king of instant jokes Pamman immedaitely responded that it was the other way, and University added a '6' before the '0'. Whatever, Machan has passed HSD. That's it.
Now Hemu was done with. That was his last hope. 

The very next moment, machan showed his supremacy " Poy irunnu padikkaan nokkedaa, HSD supplyum adichu nadannolum."

Hemu was desperate. He had no other options. He went back, had lunch and spent some time with pamman in C4, sitting in front of the Bray textbook. They could have better played book cricket with it.
Now its about 4pm. The rest of the guys were back after Tea. Every CSE boy in MH, except the two started playing the one-pitch cricket in front of 'C' block. The very first match got completed, and the two too joined us. 

Maneesh: Go and study chaps, you guys have exam 2mw.
Hemu: Thats not a problem dude, we have almost completed three modules.
We all played till 6:30. had bath, dinner, usual walk to pallimoola etc. 
Its about 10 pm, the two royal souls seated in those very seats, sitting with that very page of BRAY , still open.

Now, this part of the story was never revealed to the rest of the world till 17/11/2008. Being the lucky one to hear it from hemu, i would like to share it here.

Pamman: Dude, we're screwed. Not even a lime of a module.
Hemu: I know, and the worst thing is that Machan and Remil have passed the exam.
Pamman: Not even a chance to copy from neighbour's paper, since we are sitting next to each other.
Hemu: You know, if i look to the front from the hall (not hole), the only thing I see will be your ass.
Pamman: You're lucky dude, If I turn back, the stuff i see will be nothing but your face.
Hemu: So?
Pamman: So?
Hemu: Scoot?
Pamman: what!!? Scoot?
Hemu: Yeah, Scoot...!
Pamman: but...
Hemu: Scoot...
Pamman: Then, Scoot....!!!

It took about 18 hours for them to take that simple decision.
Long Live hemu n pamman....!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Facebook news feed

With CAT just ten days away, you guys may be thinking that i don't have any other job. But took a break from the books. Afterall creativity peaks when you spend some time with books. I donno how many of my classmates are in that situation now. Nothing much, you may have seen this stuff before, but never in this kind. Check it out.... [:)]
Unfortunately I could manage only this much now, but I swear, I'll be back with more.

NB: Non GECians please excuse :)

Facebook news feed of CSEGECTCR 2006 batch [:p]

Rahul MH updated location to Ahmedabad.

Remil Rashid : "Ailurophobia: to the core".

Saithalavi changed drinking status to "quit".

Hemanth K E recieved testimonials from Saroj Kumar, Gafoor and Nadanaraajan.

Sreeja Vijayan updated location to Chennai.

Vivek Menon updated the languages spoken to English(US) and English(UK).

Dinil P joined the group: Ex(pelled?) TCS.

Sijeesh K T became a fan of Salim Kumar via iFan.

Anju P updated status to "married".

Shalini Roy updated about me to "a fun loving person....".

Shinto Thomas updated sports to "cricket,football,arm wrestling and wrestling".

Krishna Kumar updated cuisines to "anything".

Ameen P and Sindhu U P updated location to Bengaluru.

Hima joined the group: Hindi speakers @ CTS Chennai.

Unnikrishnan K P : "Amchi Mumbai".

Joshin Chandra updated gender.

Bhushan Haldar updated the languages spoken to Bengali, Malayalam and Hindi.

Vijil M G added 18967 new photos to the album "Netherlands".

Sudeep K Krishnan became a fan of APJ AbdulKalam via iFan.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One day with DINIL_P

This one is exclusive for those who don't know DINIL_P(read as Dinil P). He was my batchmate in highschool and my classmate in college and we shared the room for three years during our gradudation. He's now working as an embedded systems engineer in World's local bank, HYD, AP.

DINIL_P is 6'4" tall, works out 6 hours a day and has an "8 pack" which he wish to change to "10 packs". Although born and brought up in kerala, he has a North Indian look and resembles any bollywood model with his appearances. Due to heavy hair growth, his face shows a green color as soon as he shaves. We could normally spot him in a tight T shirt showing his muscles and any branded cargoes.He's muscular, popular, spectacular and he's a Bachelor.

So It was Maneesh's (our classmate in college) brother's marriage and we planned to reach there Thiruvalla a day before as many of the old friends were coming. So I was accompanied by DINIL_P from calicut. We reached Thiruvalla and had a good time with friends. The very next day we attended the marriage. Since we had to travel all the way upto calicut we decided to start early. We had to board Kerala Express from Thiruvalla at 1:30 pm to Ernakulam South and from there we need to board Executive Express at 4:20 pm. It was almost 12:15 pm as we both said good bye to all and started back to our hotel room. We reached Thiruvalla town and at that moment DINIL_P asked me about my financial situation. I had about 130 bucks in my purse. DINIL_P had an empty one with him, without a single penny. So we decided to withdraw from ATM and went to the nearet one. Since it was the most popular in Kerala, there was indeed a long queue in front of the ATM. As I'm more impatient than DINIL_P, I asked him to check another one. The scene was the same there also. NOw the time was 12:40 pm. 50 minutes for the train to arrive. Anyway spending time simply standing in front of ATM is of no use. So we planned to take our luggage from the room. Just changed the dress and took our bags and walked out of hotel. As the room was booked by Manish we didn't have to bother about "check out". Now its 12:55 pm.

As soon as we got out of the hotel, DINIL_P stopped an auto and got in. I was shocked as we both know that we had only Rs 130 with us.

"Dude, we have to withdraw from ATM. Else we wont be able to buy the ticket and WTF are you doing in the auto?"
"Don't worry man. We'll withdraw from the SBI ATM in railway station."
Now, when did he notice that? I didnt see an SBT ATM in Thiruvalla station.
"What if it doesn't work?"
"No dude, It will work", said DINIL_P, the optimistic.

"Driver, is there any ATM on the way to Railway station?"
"No, Sir."
"Is there an ATM inside the station?"
"I don't know Sir."

I had a sharp look at DINIL_P and got into the auto. I still had a strong belief that he had money in his purse and was just making fun of me which evidently went wrong. We spent 15 bucks for auto and reached the station at 1:05 pm. DINIL_P ran to the ATM which he was supposed to have seen, but unfortunately couldn't find it. Fortunately there was no rush at the ticket counter. He took his purse out. I was a bit confused. What is he going to do? "Two sleeper tickets to calicut". He took out the platinum credit card of world's local bank and gave it to the man sitting in the counter. With the expression on his face, I understood that he was seeing a credit card for the first time in his life. I interfered.
"Sir, do you accept a credit card?"
"No, Only cash!"
"Sir could you please tell me how much does a sleeper ticket to calicut cost?"
"Yes, 140"

So we needed at least 280 bucks to start our journey. I was indeed getting angry.
"Dude, Now what's next?"
DINIL_P had an innocent smile on his face.
He just walked out of the station and I followed him. An extra topping to the piece of cake....! there was no autos in the parking area. We had fifteen minutes in our hand. The nearest ATM is 1.5 km away from station. Fortunately we got an auto somehow and reached the ATM in the town, withdrew the money and reached back the station in time. We took the ticket and walked to the platform waiting for the train. DINIL_P smiled at me.
"I remember we don't have an ATM in feroke station too." (Feroke is the nearest station to DINIL_P's house)
"hmmmm, but have you ever taken any ticket from any railway station in India using a credit card?"
"Then WTF did you try it?"
"We cannot leave a chance, naa. what if he accepts?"
I had no answer.

NB: for more details on DINIL_P just google "dinil p"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gazetted Software Yakshikal

I was seriously thinking about what should be my next post in the blog till a few hours back. At that time I could hear my mobile indicating that one sms has somehow reached out of that heavy traffic flow. Expecting it to be a forward, I opened it and was surprised to see a message from someone, who was very "special" to me at some part of life.

"I still remember that day when I sent you an sms saying:

Sender is cool &
Reader is fool.

You got angry & replied

Sender is fool &
Reader is cool.....!!!"

ahem ahem... "Did I?"

"Oh! Jesus, its just another forward..." I thanked Jesus for not letting me send her a reply, "Did I?"

So, I do have a good forward with me, which someone could easily be made a fool of. The next was to select someone, whom it would definitely work. Since national sms is free, I had a variety of options.

Again, Charile's Angels was my first preference. If you don't know them , please proceed after reading my previous post.

Hereafter the three will be referred as A1,A2 and A3.

I decided to try it out on A1.
I forwarded that message to A1 with my fingers crossed.

Within three minutes, my cell beeped. I rushed and opened it. 

A1: "Sweet Memories of life, right? :)"

Oh... God.. Never be so rude and cruel.
I could hardly stop laughing.
So thought of adding it in the blog as I havent updated much for the last week.

Now A2 and A3 is online, right now in gtalk.
Just before posting, had a small chat with A2.
I told her that I was about to write a blog about A1. Since she had appreciated me a lot, for my previous post, she was very much interested and her interest grew when i told her that it was about A1. She wanted to know stuff in detail, so I asked her to check the cell and I forwarded the same message to her also.

Now, the window looks idle. I am not receiving any chat from other part. I just buzzed her, still no reply from the other end. Cell started beeping.
Oh God...! What's next?
I anxiously took the cell and opened the message.

A2: "Did I? When?"

Oh! Jesus! These girls are making me crazy.

I didnt reply anything and restarted my blogging. In between an IM window opens up. None other than A3.
"Hi, Wassup?"
"just updating my blog"
"can I have a look?"

Without completing, I copy-pasted the stuff till now.
Four or five minutes passed. No reply from the other end.
At last the IM window flashed.
"I cant agree with this."
"Why? What happened?"
"I am A1"
"No, You are not"
"In the previous post, I was given importance. So I was A1. Change A1's  name to A3 or something else."
"Its just a name. Its not in any sequential order"
"Whatever happens, She should not be named A1, cozI'm A1."

I had no idea on what to do. Then I took my trump card.
"In my blog, A1 is treated as the most foolish and stupid girl of recent times. Do you want to be A1"

Silence at the other end.

"Do you want to be A1 or not?"

"Not necessary, I think I can manage it with A3 also."

Good. Then just go and visit Gazetted Software Yakshikal

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Charming Girls and a Cricket Match

2008 April 26

The whole nation had been caught with the IPL fever, so was I. As I was a great admirer of Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, thought of sticking with Kolkata Knight Riders (hereafter, noted as KKR). I checked the schedule completely and as it’s a home-away system, the only match of KKR in Chennai was against CSK on 26th April 2008. Thank Almighty, that’s a Saturday. So can watch the match and no need of taking a leave….!

The next thing is to get a good company to go for the match. I started the hunt one week back and since the tickets were priced high and since it was month-end, couldn’t get any guys. So as usual, I presented the topic to those four gorgeous girls whom I know from my college days. Three of them agreed and the fourth couldn’t as she was leaving to her hometown. I wanted to take Rs.1000 tickets, but I remained quiet. Instead explained them that the fares are from 200 to 5000 and which one they preferred. They agreed to buy tickets for ‘A’ stand where per seat cost 1K. I was relieved, coz I would have cancelled my plan if they opted anything higher than that. 


So finally we got the tickets and all four were very excited as none of us have seen a live match from stadium before that. The biggest blunder that happened in the whole excitement was that we forgot the heat of Chennai. The match was at 4pm and we had occupied the seats before 3pm. We didn’t carry a cap or an umbrella and started drenching in sweat. But four of us were busy watching the warm-up sessions. We were seated just behind the fence of midwicket/third man region and could clearly have a view. The first big chap we got was Stephen Fleming, as he ran some full rounds along the fence. We were carefully watching the guys in the ground and one of us saw a giant and cried out, “Hayden……!”

The two captains walked out for toss and Dada won the toss, and asked Dhoni and his side to field first. The team members list was flashing in the giant screen.

Chennai Super Kings: 1 Matthew Hayden, 2 Parthiv Patel, 3 Suresh Raina, 4 Michael Hussey, 5 MS Dhoni (capt, wk), 6 Jacob Oram, 7 S Badrinath, 8 Joginder Sharma, 9 P Amarnath, 10 Muttiah Muralitharan, 11 MS Gony.

Kolkata Knight Riders: 1 Brendon McCullum, 2 Sourav Ganguly (capt), 3 Ricky Ponting, 4 David Hussey, 5 Mohammad Hafiz, 6 Laxmi Ratan Shukla, 7 Wriddhiman Saha (wk), 8 Ajit Agarkar, 9 Murali Kartik, 10 Ashok Dinda, 11 Ishant Sharma.

Ganguly opened the innings with McCullum. The bowling was opened by Jacob Oram.
The first over was completed and KKR had scored about 8 runs.

“Hey, Look at that. What the hell is happening?” One of the Charlie’s Angels screamed. “What happened?” I was a bit surprised. “See they have changed the ends. They are playing in the wrong ends.”

Now that was a shock for me. Since it was the end of the over, the end will be switched. That principle has been followed for centuries. But the one beside me, who has spent one grant for this ticket, didn’t even know that? I was surprisingly shocked.

“Haven’t you watched cricket before in TV?”
The reply was a “YES” with a look as if I have asked something highly offensive.
“Haven’t you noticed the ends being switched at the end of every over?”
The answer was now a “NO” with an innocent look.
The third one was anxiously looking at both of us.
“I believe at least you know that.”
The reply was a simple horizontal nod.
Since the fourth one knew the least about cricket, I didn’t dare to ask her.

Now that was the popularity IPL had in India. I do believe, not only these three, millions would have been attracted to this stuff just because of its dynamic and spontaneous actions and the effect brought by IPL in India was terrific.


There are some things which money can’t buy.


There are some people who don’t know why they buy 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Love

Back after a fortnight, with a bang.
I was quite confused about my next blog. Not because I didnt have any topics, but they were too many in number. Already I have quoted a lot of stories from my college life. So this time I wanted something other than that. My search finally ended at my school life.

The most "happening" time in one's life. Being at a boys' school did create a lot of problems for me. The presence of girls in my life started from 9th standard. I had Maths tuitions at Jacob Sir's house and Science tuitions at Sabitha Madam's house. Not because I was weak in both, but it was a custom followed for years, and still being followed....! Tuitions started my May 1998 and so do being with girls. (Being with means, sitting a couple of benches behind them :-) ) There was one girl whom i noticed in particular. She had a deep dimple on her right cheek. She was tall enough (perhaps taller than me at that time. I was a dwarf then ;-) ..!!!) She had the name of a Hindu goddess (enough, Don't guess). She was there in my same batch in both tuitions. My best pals at that time included Rahul, Aby, Venky and Anoop. I hesitated a lot about this, but at last thought of working it out. My first proposal...! (why the hell did I do it? :-( ). I had some feeling or soft corner to this girl and (unfortunately) revealed it to Rahul.

But he was a good friend. His innocence or his commitment towards my friendship resulted in it. She came to know the stuff within a day. That too the route was like Remil->Rahul->X->Y->.....->That girl.
Everyone in the class except the teacher had known that within a day or two. From this part of the story onwards, let her be called Namitha (I should also consider the readers' feelings, na). The incident finally brought up my first one-to-one session with a girl.

Namitha: I heard something
Me: (silence, with my stupid smile)
Namitha: Did you tell some of your friends that you love me?

Now, that was cunning... Love and Like, unfortunately have a common word in malayalam.

Me: (again silence, the stupid smile fades, with a vertical movement of my head)
Namitha: How dare you?
Me:(silence, with no smile at all, looking around, to verify whether someone is watching)
Namitha: Have you seen your face in the mirror?

That was harsh. That was indeed harsh. She was beautiful. But still, that was very very harsh.
And that was the day i looked at the mirror for so long.

Namitha: never ever dare to talk to me.
(now, that made me think. This girl sucks... I haven't ever talked to her before and now she's saying never ever dare to talk to her... Silly stupid senseless point)

My love to her was so pure, that i did consider her feelings and never talked to her after that...!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Love and Love Only...

Come, my beloved;
let us go forth into the field;
let us lodge in the villages.
Let us get up early to the vineyards;
let us see whether the vine hath budded,
whether the vine-blossom be opened, and the pomegranates be in flower;
there will I give thee my love....

Namukku Graamangalil chennu raappaarkkaaam....
Atikaaalath ezhunnettu munthirithottangalil poyi munthiri vallikal thalirthu poovidarukayum maathala naarakam pookkukayum cheythuvo ennu nokkaam...
Avide vachu njaan ninakkente premam tharum...

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yet Another story... again Pamman and movie...
Another walk from pallimoola to MH on a monday night, 9pm. Unni, Pamman n me. If I'm not wrong, 4th Sem is about to end. S3 results have come. Unni as usual full pass. Enikkum Pammanum koode 10 suppli (no guesses please). The S3 supplis were about start on Wednesday. As usual it starts off with M3, which myself n Unni passed comfortably and Pammu just slipped a couple of marks short. As it was about to reach MH, we saw the poster of Kathavasheshan (*ing Dilip). Since it being of a award genre, we 3 had missed the movie when it was in town. Now it was screened at Viyyur Deepa. Unni was the one to start. Obviously I was also ready since I had no exams that week. But Pamman was in a dilemma. I had already told he's a rare breed. To confirm it, Let me state another fact about him. He is a Dilip fan. That makes him indeed a rare breed.

Unni: appol povaam alle?
Pamman: eda, enikku mattannaal raavile pareeksha undu
Me: athinenthaa, mattannaal raavile alle?
Unni: naale full day undu, ninakku M3yum lokavum keezhadakkaan.
me: padam innu thanne maarum, pinne nee ee padam theatre-il ninnum kaanilla.

Pamman dayaneeyamaayi njangale randu pereyum maari maari nokki, pine aakaashathottum.
Sangathi click aayenna reethiyil njaanum unniyum thammil oru look vittu.

pamman: eda, njaan innu raathri cinema kaanaan poyaal, naale 1 day kondu M3 complete cheyyan pattumo?
unni: edaa, mandaa.. naale half day kondu ninakku pullu pole complete cheyyan pattum... pinneyum half day baakki

eeshwaraa... unni ippozhe, naalathekkum oru scheme ready aakkukayaano?

pamman: oru cinema kandathondu njaan suppli adikkilla alle?
me: ninakku ninne vishwaasam ille?

no reply from other side, but just a walk towards the theatre.

"sambhavam work out aayi" ente look kandathum unnikku manasilaayi...

padam kandu. kattta koothara padam. Dilip fan polum avide kidannurangi...

6 months kazhinju...

Results vannu...

S3 maths-il Pamman veendum kathaavasheshan aayi.......!

Josh... Daivam beedi kadam chodicha manushyan

Joshin Chandra / Joshiy / Joshi / Jocha / Machaan...
Another breed...! Terrific Guy...! Perhaps, the most talented guy I've ever seen in my life. The sole owner of A46, MH, GEC Thrissur for four years. Quoting a recent one from Jo, narrated to me by Unni.

Unni forwarded some mail to Jo, with some prank on pamman. The following conversation is added below

Josh: Eda, nee aa paavam payyane veruthe vidilla, alle?
Unni: thalkaalam Udheshyamilla
Josh: Ninnodokke Daivam chodicholum
Unni: Machaane, ninnodu Daivam vallathum chodichittundo?

Silence for long time.........

Unni pings again....

Still silence...

Silence is broken at last...

Josh: Undu....
Unni: eppo...????
Josh: Kazhinja maasam 30inu daivam ennodu randu beedi chodichu...!
Unni: [:0] ennittu?
Josh: 30th aayathu kondu ente kayyil beedi illaayirunnu, vaangi kodukkaam ennu vicharichappol cash-um illaayirunnu....!

Jo, You Rock....!

Pamman v/s Suresh Gopi

Yet Another memory in GEC is none other than my classmate/roommate dinil_p alias makku alias pamman. The guy with the cute smile, which overcomes his shortness :-). This breed is highly recommended for you. A must meet kind of guy. One night, we (me, unni n pamman) were walking to pallimoola(a metropolitan hang out area in the outskirts of GEC Thrissur) after watching Bharathchandran IPS from Cheroor Ukkens. We three were damn excited after watching it, and were throwing out the heavy Suresh Gopi dialogues at each other. We ended up our walk in Rockland Hotel and placed ourselves in one corner. The bearer came. Unni and myself ordered for double omlette. The next and the last to order is obviously Mr.Pamman, who shouted at the waiter, " Enikkoru Bullshit...!"