Monday, August 18, 2008

Gazetted Software Yakshikal

I was seriously thinking about what should be my next post in the blog till a few hours back. At that time I could hear my mobile indicating that one sms has somehow reached out of that heavy traffic flow. Expecting it to be a forward, I opened it and was surprised to see a message from someone, who was very "special" to me at some part of life.

"I still remember that day when I sent you an sms saying:

Sender is cool &
Reader is fool.

You got angry & replied

Sender is fool &
Reader is cool.....!!!"

ahem ahem... "Did I?"

"Oh! Jesus, its just another forward..." I thanked Jesus for not letting me send her a reply, "Did I?"

So, I do have a good forward with me, which someone could easily be made a fool of. The next was to select someone, whom it would definitely work. Since national sms is free, I had a variety of options.

Again, Charile's Angels was my first preference. If you don't know them , please proceed after reading my previous post.

Hereafter the three will be referred as A1,A2 and A3.

I decided to try it out on A1.
I forwarded that message to A1 with my fingers crossed.

Within three minutes, my cell beeped. I rushed and opened it. 

A1: "Sweet Memories of life, right? :)"

Oh... God.. Never be so rude and cruel.
I could hardly stop laughing.
So thought of adding it in the blog as I havent updated much for the last week.

Now A2 and A3 is online, right now in gtalk.
Just before posting, had a small chat with A2.
I told her that I was about to write a blog about A1. Since she had appreciated me a lot, for my previous post, she was very much interested and her interest grew when i told her that it was about A1. She wanted to know stuff in detail, so I asked her to check the cell and I forwarded the same message to her also.

Now, the window looks idle. I am not receiving any chat from other part. I just buzzed her, still no reply from the other end. Cell started beeping.
Oh God...! What's next?
I anxiously took the cell and opened the message.

A2: "Did I? When?"

Oh! Jesus! These girls are making me crazy.

I didnt reply anything and restarted my blogging. In between an IM window opens up. None other than A3.
"Hi, Wassup?"
"just updating my blog"
"can I have a look?"

Without completing, I copy-pasted the stuff till now.
Four or five minutes passed. No reply from the other end.
At last the IM window flashed.
"I cant agree with this."
"Why? What happened?"
"I am A1"
"No, You are not"
"In the previous post, I was given importance. So I was A1. Change A1's  name to A3 or something else."
"Its just a name. Its not in any sequential order"
"Whatever happens, She should not be named A1, cozI'm A1."

I had no idea on what to do. Then I took my trump card.
"In my blog, A1 is treated as the most foolish and stupid girl of recent times. Do you want to be A1"

Silence at the other end.

"Do you want to be A1 or not?"

"Not necessary, I think I can manage it with A3 also."

Good. Then just go and visit Gazetted Software Yakshikal

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