Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One day with DINIL_P

This one is exclusive for those who don't know DINIL_P(read as Dinil P). He was my batchmate in highschool and my classmate in college and we shared the room for three years during our gradudation. He's now working as an embedded systems engineer in World's local bank, HYD, AP.

DINIL_P is 6'4" tall, works out 6 hours a day and has an "8 pack" which he wish to change to "10 packs". Although born and brought up in kerala, he has a North Indian look and resembles any bollywood model with his appearances. Due to heavy hair growth, his face shows a green color as soon as he shaves. We could normally spot him in a tight T shirt showing his muscles and any branded cargoes.He's muscular, popular, spectacular and he's a Bachelor.

So It was Maneesh's (our classmate in college) brother's marriage and we planned to reach there Thiruvalla a day before as many of the old friends were coming. So I was accompanied by DINIL_P from calicut. We reached Thiruvalla and had a good time with friends. The very next day we attended the marriage. Since we had to travel all the way upto calicut we decided to start early. We had to board Kerala Express from Thiruvalla at 1:30 pm to Ernakulam South and from there we need to board Executive Express at 4:20 pm. It was almost 12:15 pm as we both said good bye to all and started back to our hotel room. We reached Thiruvalla town and at that moment DINIL_P asked me about my financial situation. I had about 130 bucks in my purse. DINIL_P had an empty one with him, without a single penny. So we decided to withdraw from ATM and went to the nearet one. Since it was the most popular in Kerala, there was indeed a long queue in front of the ATM. As I'm more impatient than DINIL_P, I asked him to check another one. The scene was the same there also. NOw the time was 12:40 pm. 50 minutes for the train to arrive. Anyway spending time simply standing in front of ATM is of no use. So we planned to take our luggage from the room. Just changed the dress and took our bags and walked out of hotel. As the room was booked by Manish we didn't have to bother about "check out". Now its 12:55 pm.

As soon as we got out of the hotel, DINIL_P stopped an auto and got in. I was shocked as we both know that we had only Rs 130 with us.

"Dude, we have to withdraw from ATM. Else we wont be able to buy the ticket and WTF are you doing in the auto?"
"Don't worry man. We'll withdraw from the SBI ATM in railway station."
Now, when did he notice that? I didnt see an SBT ATM in Thiruvalla station.
"What if it doesn't work?"
"No dude, It will work", said DINIL_P, the optimistic.

"Driver, is there any ATM on the way to Railway station?"
"No, Sir."
"Is there an ATM inside the station?"
"I don't know Sir."

I had a sharp look at DINIL_P and got into the auto. I still had a strong belief that he had money in his purse and was just making fun of me which evidently went wrong. We spent 15 bucks for auto and reached the station at 1:05 pm. DINIL_P ran to the ATM which he was supposed to have seen, but unfortunately couldn't find it. Fortunately there was no rush at the ticket counter. He took his purse out. I was a bit confused. What is he going to do? "Two sleeper tickets to calicut". He took out the platinum credit card of world's local bank and gave it to the man sitting in the counter. With the expression on his face, I understood that he was seeing a credit card for the first time in his life. I interfered.
"Sir, do you accept a credit card?"
"No, Only cash!"
"Sir could you please tell me how much does a sleeper ticket to calicut cost?"
"Yes, 140"

So we needed at least 280 bucks to start our journey. I was indeed getting angry.
"Dude, Now what's next?"
DINIL_P had an innocent smile on his face.
He just walked out of the station and I followed him. An extra topping to the piece of cake....! there was no autos in the parking area. We had fifteen minutes in our hand. The nearest ATM is 1.5 km away from station. Fortunately we got an auto somehow and reached the ATM in the town, withdrew the money and reached back the station in time. We took the ticket and walked to the platform waiting for the train. DINIL_P smiled at me.
"I remember we don't have an ATM in feroke station too." (Feroke is the nearest station to DINIL_P's house)
"hmmmm, but have you ever taken any ticket from any railway station in India using a credit card?"
"Then WTF did you try it?"
"We cannot leave a chance, naa. what if he accepts?"
I had no answer.

NB: for more details on DINIL_P just google "dinil p"


Divya Mohan said...

y d name is "dinil underscore p".???

hemus7 said...

start a blog for pamman d gr8.
wer any one can post ;-)

remil4remil said...

that's indeed a good idea. Let dharmendra take the initiative. He's the best person for that

ChUcK said...

It's good to know that some things just don't change :P

Sudeep K Krishnan said...

one sleeper ticket to calicut Rs140/-
One day at a thiruvalla hotel.. say Rs800/-

But one day/nite with makku.. pricless

Even worlds local banks card cant buy it.. Lucky u :P