Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yet Another story... again Pamman and movie...
Another walk from pallimoola to MH on a monday night, 9pm. Unni, Pamman n me. If I'm not wrong, 4th Sem is about to end. S3 results have come. Unni as usual full pass. Enikkum Pammanum koode 10 suppli (no guesses please). The S3 supplis were about start on Wednesday. As usual it starts off with M3, which myself n Unni passed comfortably and Pammu just slipped a couple of marks short. As it was about to reach MH, we saw the poster of Kathavasheshan (*ing Dilip). Since it being of a award genre, we 3 had missed the movie when it was in town. Now it was screened at Viyyur Deepa. Unni was the one to start. Obviously I was also ready since I had no exams that week. But Pamman was in a dilemma. I had already told he's a rare breed. To confirm it, Let me state another fact about him. He is a Dilip fan. That makes him indeed a rare breed.

Unni: appol povaam alle?
Pamman: eda, enikku mattannaal raavile pareeksha undu
Me: athinenthaa, mattannaal raavile alle?
Unni: naale full day undu, ninakku M3yum lokavum keezhadakkaan.
me: padam innu thanne maarum, pinne nee ee padam theatre-il ninnum kaanilla.

Pamman dayaneeyamaayi njangale randu pereyum maari maari nokki, pine aakaashathottum.
Sangathi click aayenna reethiyil njaanum unniyum thammil oru look vittu.

pamman: eda, njaan innu raathri cinema kaanaan poyaal, naale 1 day kondu M3 complete cheyyan pattumo?
unni: edaa, mandaa.. naale half day kondu ninakku pullu pole complete cheyyan pattum... pinneyum half day baakki

eeshwaraa... unni ippozhe, naalathekkum oru scheme ready aakkukayaano?

pamman: oru cinema kandathondu njaan suppli adikkilla alle?
me: ninakku ninne vishwaasam ille?

no reply from other side, but just a walk towards the theatre.

"sambhavam work out aayi" ente look kandathum unnikku manasilaayi...

padam kandu. kattta koothara padam. Dilip fan polum avide kidannurangi...

6 months kazhinju...

Results vannu...

S3 maths-il Pamman veendum kathaavasheshan aayi.......!

Josh... Daivam beedi kadam chodicha manushyan

Joshin Chandra / Joshiy / Joshi / Jocha / Machaan...
Another breed...! Terrific Guy...! Perhaps, the most talented guy I've ever seen in my life. The sole owner of A46, MH, GEC Thrissur for four years. Quoting a recent one from Jo, narrated to me by Unni.

Unni forwarded some mail to Jo, with some prank on pamman. The following conversation is added below

Josh: Eda, nee aa paavam payyane veruthe vidilla, alle?
Unni: thalkaalam Udheshyamilla
Josh: Ninnodokke Daivam chodicholum
Unni: Machaane, ninnodu Daivam vallathum chodichittundo?

Silence for long time.........

Unni pings again....

Still silence...

Silence is broken at last...

Josh: Undu....
Unni: eppo...????
Josh: Kazhinja maasam 30inu daivam ennodu randu beedi chodichu...!
Unni: [:0] ennittu?
Josh: 30th aayathu kondu ente kayyil beedi illaayirunnu, vaangi kodukkaam ennu vicharichappol cash-um illaayirunnu....!

Jo, You Rock....!

Pamman v/s Suresh Gopi

Yet Another memory in GEC is none other than my classmate/roommate dinil_p alias makku alias pamman. The guy with the cute smile, which overcomes his shortness :-). This breed is highly recommended for you. A must meet kind of guy. One night, we (me, unni n pamman) were walking to pallimoola(a metropolitan hang out area in the outskirts of GEC Thrissur) after watching Bharathchandran IPS from Cheroor Ukkens. We three were damn excited after watching it, and were throwing out the heavy Suresh Gopi dialogues at each other. We ended up our walk in Rockland Hotel and placed ourselves in one corner. The bearer came. Unni and myself ordered for double omlette. The next and the last to order is obviously Mr.Pamman, who shouted at the waiter, " Enikkoru Bullshit...!"