Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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With CAT just ten days away, you guys may be thinking that i don't have any other job. But took a break from the books. Afterall creativity peaks when you spend some time with books. I donno how many of my classmates are in that situation now. Nothing much, you may have seen this stuff before, but never in this kind. Check it out.... [:)]
Unfortunately I could manage only this much now, but I swear, I'll be back with more.

NB: Non GECians please excuse :)

Facebook news feed of CSEGECTCR 2006 batch [:p]

Rahul MH updated location to Ahmedabad.

Remil Rashid : "Ailurophobia: to the core".

Saithalavi changed drinking status to "quit".

Hemanth K E recieved testimonials from Saroj Kumar, Gafoor and Nadanaraajan.

Sreeja Vijayan updated location to Chennai.

Vivek Menon updated the languages spoken to English(US) and English(UK).

Dinil P joined the group: Ex(pelled?) TCS.

Sijeesh K T became a fan of Salim Kumar via iFan.

Anju P updated status to "married".

Shalini Roy updated about me to "a fun loving person....".

Shinto Thomas updated sports to "cricket,football,arm wrestling and wrestling".

Krishna Kumar updated cuisines to "anything".

Ameen P and Sindhu U P updated location to Bengaluru.

Hima joined the group: Hindi speakers @ CTS Chennai.

Unnikrishnan K P : "Amchi Mumbai".

Joshin Chandra updated gender.

Bhushan Haldar updated the languages spoken to Bengali, Malayalam and Hindi.

Vijil M G added 18967 new photos to the album "Netherlands".

Sudeep K Krishnan became a fan of APJ AbdulKalam via iFan.

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hemus7 said...

poyi irunnu padikkeda...
entem machantem kona aalojichenkilum
nb:ellaam onnichu theerkkunnathaayirikkum