Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CS2K406 Hardware Systems Design, Season II :)

Last Exam of the Season, CS2K406. The two royal souls, just those two in MH- Hemanth and Dinil_p (hereafter called as Pamman) busy with studies (That's what others are supposed to call). 

The day before the exam, it was almost lunch time. Hemu climbed the stairs to top floor of A block. Usually he does that for watching some crap in TV, as the only TV which is common for both A and C blocks is located in the top floor of Block A. But this time the intention was different. He went through the corridor, to the extreme corner. He went past the "MEN AT WORK" board and knocked at the door of A 44. The purpose of the visit was nothing else. 

The very extra white smile welcomed him. The king, Joshin chandra alias joshi alias machaan was standing in his room, half nude, with a "lungi" around his waist, the only piece of cloth on him, just to cover his "assets".

Hemanth: "Machaane, coming to C4 for combined study?"
Machan wondered as if Hemu was drunk. With that natural grin on his face, Machan asked.
"Did you forget the fact that I had scored 60 marks in HSD in the very first chance?"
Now that was a shock for Hemu. That was a big news when the results were announced. 
I remember machan's "parippuvada + kattan chaaya" treat (coz kattan chaaya costs 50p less than ordinary) from canteen to all our friends. It was during that treat machan revealed his secret of 60 marks. University accidently added a '0' after my 6 marks and thus it became '60'.
The king of instant jokes Pamman immedaitely responded that it was the other way, and University added a '6' before the '0'. Whatever, Machan has passed HSD. That's it.
Now Hemu was done with. That was his last hope. 

The very next moment, machan showed his supremacy " Poy irunnu padikkaan nokkedaa, HSD supplyum adichu nadannolum."

Hemu was desperate. He had no other options. He went back, had lunch and spent some time with pamman in C4, sitting in front of the Bray textbook. They could have better played book cricket with it.
Now its about 4pm. The rest of the guys were back after Tea. Every CSE boy in MH, except the two started playing the one-pitch cricket in front of 'C' block. The very first match got completed, and the two too joined us. 

Maneesh: Go and study chaps, you guys have exam 2mw.
Hemu: Thats not a problem dude, we have almost completed three modules.
We all played till 6:30. had bath, dinner, usual walk to pallimoola etc. 
Its about 10 pm, the two royal souls seated in those very seats, sitting with that very page of BRAY , still open.

Now, this part of the story was never revealed to the rest of the world till 17/11/2008. Being the lucky one to hear it from hemu, i would like to share it here.

Pamman: Dude, we're screwed. Not even a lime of a module.
Hemu: I know, and the worst thing is that Machan and Remil have passed the exam.
Pamman: Not even a chance to copy from neighbour's paper, since we are sitting next to each other.
Hemu: You know, if i look to the front from the hall (not hole), the only thing I see will be your ass.
Pamman: You're lucky dude, If I turn back, the stuff i see will be nothing but your face.
Hemu: So?
Pamman: So?
Hemu: Scoot?
Pamman: what!!? Scoot?
Hemu: Yeah, Scoot...!
Pamman: but...
Hemu: Scoot...
Pamman: Then, Scoot....!!!

It took about 18 hours for them to take that simple decision.
Long Live hemu n pamman....!