Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Love

Back after a fortnight, with a bang.
I was quite confused about my next blog. Not because I didnt have any topics, but they were too many in number. Already I have quoted a lot of stories from my college life. So this time I wanted something other than that. My search finally ended at my school life.

The most "happening" time in one's life. Being at a boys' school did create a lot of problems for me. The presence of girls in my life started from 9th standard. I had Maths tuitions at Jacob Sir's house and Science tuitions at Sabitha Madam's house. Not because I was weak in both, but it was a custom followed for years, and still being followed....! Tuitions started my May 1998 and so do being with girls. (Being with means, sitting a couple of benches behind them :-) ) There was one girl whom i noticed in particular. She had a deep dimple on her right cheek. She was tall enough (perhaps taller than me at that time. I was a dwarf then ;-) ..!!!) She had the name of a Hindu goddess (enough, Don't guess). She was there in my same batch in both tuitions. My best pals at that time included Rahul, Aby, Venky and Anoop. I hesitated a lot about this, but at last thought of working it out. My first proposal...! (why the hell did I do it? :-( ). I had some feeling or soft corner to this girl and (unfortunately) revealed it to Rahul.

But he was a good friend. His innocence or his commitment towards my friendship resulted in it. She came to know the stuff within a day. That too the route was like Remil->Rahul->X->Y->.....->That girl.
Everyone in the class except the teacher had known that within a day or two. From this part of the story onwards, let her be called Namitha (I should also consider the readers' feelings, na). The incident finally brought up my first one-to-one session with a girl.

Namitha: I heard something
Me: (silence, with my stupid smile)
Namitha: Did you tell some of your friends that you love me?

Now, that was cunning... Love and Like, unfortunately have a common word in malayalam.

Me: (again silence, the stupid smile fades, with a vertical movement of my head)
Namitha: How dare you?
Me:(silence, with no smile at all, looking around, to verify whether someone is watching)
Namitha: Have you seen your face in the mirror?

That was harsh. That was indeed harsh. She was beautiful. But still, that was very very harsh.
And that was the day i looked at the mirror for so long.

Namitha: never ever dare to talk to me.
(now, that made me think. This girl sucks... I haven't ever talked to her before and now she's saying never ever dare to talk to her... Silly stupid senseless point)

My love to her was so pure, that i did consider her feelings and never talked to her after that...!