Thursday, January 20, 2011

My friend My machine TN 07 AM 9148

For the past few months there has not been any new post in this blog. The over influence of facebook and twitter had made me forget my blog. I have to admit it. Now I am back. This is something which I am unable to express in 140 or 420 characters and now I need my blog. The next few lines are true from the deepest point of my heart. This post is a tribute to my machine, the very old silver colored TVS STAR SPORT. The machine has been with me for the past 3 and a half years. Almost all my friends have travelled on it. It has a big big role in making my black and white life in Chennai into a colored one. The one that helped me reach office in time, the one which inspired me to watch movies by bunking the classes, the one which increased my freedom to travel anywhere anytime, the one which almost had at least 10 trips per day from School of Management Studies, NITC building to the hostel, the one which hesitated to seat another lady on the rear seat during its initial life in Kerala and the one which carried me over 30,000 kms in many different cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This one is for you mate!!!

This evening on my way to NITC, I met with a severe accident. As usual I was on my bike, with a speed of about 40 to 50 km/hr. About a few kilometers away from NITC, at Chathamangalam, another bike suddenly came opposite to me on the wrong side. I tried my level best to stop and applied the brakes. By the time, the bike was exactly in front of me and the blow was inevitable. Had a nasty blow and I fell off my machine. The other driver also fell with his bike, but escaped without any damage for the bike or for him. I got up from the road and luckily I didn't have a single scratch or bruise on me. It was unbelievable, still I was safe.

Then I examined my bike. It had a severe blow. The damage was to a heavy extent. The front portion of the other bike hit my machine at the front right part and the bike fell to the left side. The wheel of the other bike hit the nozzle of my machine's front tyre and immediately resulted in a flat tyre. The tube had to be replaced immediately. The right front and left rear indicator broke into pieces. Severe scratches around the headlamp. The right front mirror was twisted and out of groove. Handle is having a bend of about 15 degree towards right. There is a bend for the fork also. The front brakes were jammed (which were released during the tube change).

After changing the tube, I drove it slowly back to my home. As soon as I reached home, I shared the news to my parents. They were really surprised to see me without any single scratch, and shocked to see my bike which received such a blow. Only after that I realized that nobody will believe that the rider was absolutely safe, seeing the present condition of the vehicle. Early morning tomorrow, I'm taking it to the service centre. Wishing my machine a very speedy recovery.

It took the entire blow, damaged itself severely, just to safeguard the rider.

I love my machine. Bravo!!!