Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pamman v/s Suresh Gopi

Yet Another memory in GEC is none other than my classmate/roommate dinil_p alias makku alias pamman. The guy with the cute smile, which overcomes his shortness :-). This breed is highly recommended for you. A must meet kind of guy. One night, we (me, unni n pamman) were walking to pallimoola(a metropolitan hang out area in the outskirts of GEC Thrissur) after watching Bharathchandran IPS from Cheroor Ukkens. We three were damn excited after watching it, and were throwing out the heavy Suresh Gopi dialogues at each other. We ended up our walk in Rockland Hotel and placed ourselves in one corner. The bearer came. Unni and myself ordered for double omlette. The next and the last to order is obviously Mr.Pamman, who shouted at the waiter, " Enikkoru Bullshit...!"

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